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In The Courtyard: Beyond The Literal
July 16, 2009 - October 25, 2009

This series features the abstract works of Malvino Garretti, Willie Little and Matthew Thomas -- seasoned artists who collectively have at least a century of experience in art making and investigation. Garretti's work fuses the angst of abstract expressionism and the kitsch of pop art with the attitude of a conceptualist. The glorious outcome is a freestyle that bares the depth of his skill and escapes the obvious formal predilections about art. Just as potent is the Zen-like resonance of Matthew Thomas' earth paintings - Garretti's polar opposite. Both minimalist and profound, Thomas' works are tactile and sensuous maneuverings of raw earth and natural pigments that reflect Thomas' commitment to evolving as a Buddhist Monk and his respect for earth-energy. Little's work features larger-than-life size staffs and walking sticks that suspend above our head. The "sticks" and "staffs" hover as the ancestors who watch and guide and the sentries who protect. Click on this link for more information. www.willielittle.com

"In the Courtyard" is a rotating series of exhibitions that presents new art works and the history and culture of African Americans every three months.

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