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Of Tulips and Shadows: The Visual Metaphors of Dewey Crumpler
October 9, 2008 - May 31, 2009

A presentation of selected paintings, sculptures, videos and installation pieces created over the last fifteen years by California Bay Area artist Dewey Crumpler.  His work, which escapes easy interpretations, presents rich iconography ranging from Dutch floral still life to African-inspired sculpture.  His art surfaces are rich in subtle hue variations in both smooth and rough textures.  Dynamic, almost calligraphic forms appear endowed with a unique, organic quality.  Lush tulips, cell-like elements, cosmic swirls, create a multi-layered surface with an unusual depth of field.  Most recently, Crumpler has included in his canvasas a shadow of a collar and a hooded character that stand for a particular state of consciousness and the capacity to transcent material constraints.  As a whole, these multifaceted symbols become metaphors that reflect on and challenge philosophical, emotional, social and political concepts.

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