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Gallery of Discovery

Hosts of excited school children flooded CAAM's multi-functional Gallery of Discovery as soon as it was opened. Their reactions have been open and endearing. The emotional response by adults to the installation's physical presence, which evokes the memories of slavery, has been strong and unmistakable. Hear recordings of actual living slaves from the Library of Congress archives and discover stories from the past. This semi-permanent exhibition and multi-use education space provides a fascinating opportunity for visitors to connect with the lineage of their own family, engage in artistic workshops, educational tours and other programs of historical discoveries. Call 213-744-2084 to book a tour!

Continued appreciation for the Annenberg Foundation, the Kenneth T. and Eileen Norris Foundation, Mattel Inc., the State of California and artist Toni Scott for their support in making the Gallery of Discovery possible.

Photo Gallery

Title Wall
Artwork by Toni Scott

Installation of Heads
Transatlantic Slave Trade-The Ocean Journey

These faces represent millions who did not survive the journey from Africa to the Americas during what was called "the middle passage" of the Trans-Atlantic triangular slave trade.

First Generation Free
In this photo are first generation of free African American children.

The Cotton Industry
Cotton was the major cash crop that fueled slavery in the United States and Europe from the 1500's until it ended in 1865.

The Slave Cabin
WPA Slave Photos

The federal government through the Works Progress Administration recorded 2,300 first person accounts and 500 black and white photographs of slave life. It was entitled, Born in Slavery: Narratives from the Federal Work Program 1936-1938.

The Slave Cabin
WPA Slave Narratives

The shack is representative of the slave life. Playing in the shack are real life narratives spoken by former slaves.

The Resistance Wall
From Slave to Statesman, Fredrick Douglas

Fredrick Douglass was born into slavery, escaped and went on to become a great scholar, abolitionist, orator and advisor to Abraham Lincoln.

Bloodlines (Family Tree)
Slavery, the history that binds us
1703 - 2010

Toni Scott's parental lineage is shown with authentic photos beginning as far back as pre-colonial American in 1705 in Fayette County, Georgia.

The Slave Ship
African people were forcibly held in slave dungeons where they awaited to be crammed into the bowels of ships for a journey that could last as long as three months.

Eve: The First Auctioned Slave
Cast fiberglass, patina, tree stump

Exhibition Programs

There were no programs for this exhibition.

Educational Resources

Here is a link to a selected reading list for children, middle school / young adults and adults.

Here is a link to a document presenting a love story of Exter and Tempie Durham. Please read and respond in writing to this rare love story of an enslaved couple who were able to sustain and maintain a "slave marriage" for fifty years.