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How We Roll
July 28, 2010 - February 28, 2011

Rolling through history and contemporary action, this exhibit offers insight into the engagement and cultural influence of African Americans in the sports of surfing, roller skating and skateboarding.  How We Roll celebrates personal stories, cheers on the radicals who changed and blended the sports, and the artistry and livelihoods that have grown out of these respective fields.  The exhibit is a mixture of sculptural art forms, intertwined with historical facts, personal accomplishments, vintage and contemporary photos, artifacts and videos.  Capturing the daring spirit of these athletes, the show also reveals the little-known but dynamic presence of women in these sports; the entrepreneurial engagement; and, the growing green consciousness and leadership coming from African Americans in the related skating, surfing and skateboarding cultures. CAAM is pleased to extend this colorful exhibit to March 2011.

This exhibition was supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

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