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Recent Acquisitions - Curatorial Selections

Demonstrating our continuing efforts to preserve and maintain a wide range of African American history, art and culture, the California African American Museum is proud to present an eclectic sampling of recent additions to our collection and that of our Friends Foundation. This exhibition is an overview of relevant historical objects and artwork donated over several years and as recently as 2014. The exhibit includes a Jefferson High School yearbook (1922); an international movie poster for the Sidney Poitier feature film Brother John (1971); a slave "Bill of Sale of J. M. Wilson to David Pointer" from Louisiana (1860); and artworks by Phoebe Beasley, Miguel Covarrubias, June Edmonds, George Evans, Charles Haywood, Manuel Mendive, Rosalyn Myles, John Outterbridge, Duane Paul, and Betye Saar.

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Exhibition Programs

There were no programs for this exhibition.