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Women Game Changers, Less Known, Here Celebrated

Utilizing CAAM's soaring entrance space, flying banners celebrate centuries of achievements by African American women, many of whom are less publicly known. We see physicians and nurses; barrier-breaking women pilots; chroniclers of history and culture; and sisters-in-arms marching through the military. Some women are game changers in sports while others are legal defenders, activists and champions for women, children and human rights. From inventors and high achievers peering through microscopes to writers of headlines and verse, these are, and were, women mavericks who walked outside the lines and flew outside the box. Many of these triumphs have been lost in the mist of time -- names not in headlines, and faces faded into the background. CAAM celebrates these game changers as sister ancestors, and an inspiration for generations.

Click here for the list and descriptions of all the women included in the exhibit.

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Exhibition Programs

Sunday, December 11, 2011, 2pm-4:30pm - Women Game Changers, Face to Face And In Person (Reception)
Join us as we meet and celebrate with many of the women highlighted in the exhibit Women Game Changers, Less Known, Here Celebrated.   RSVP (213) 744-2024.