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State of California

Office of the Governor and Key Staff

California Public Records Act Guidelines

The California Public Records Act (PRA) Government Code 6250-6270, is similar to the federal Freedom of Information Act -- the purpose of these acts is to give private citizens greater access to government information. With some exceptions, the PRA considers records maintained by most state agencies to be public records, but also recognizes the right to individual privacy.

The California Public Records Act (PRA) applies to government information. The California African American Museum is a partnership between a state agency (California African American Museum) and a private-not-for-profit foundation (Friends, The Foundation of the California African American Museum). Requests for information from the state agency will meet the purpose and requirements of the PRA. The Friends, The Foundation of the California African American Museum will address requests from the public; however the Foundation is not a government body and is not subject to the requirements of the PRA.

Attached are two documents which provide more details:

Reporting Transparency in Government (Form 700s and Travel Expense Claim Forms)

State of CA reporting transparency

To ensure a higher level of transparency than required by law, on March 6, 2009, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a memorandum to all Governor's Staff, all Agency Secretaries and all Department Directors directing them to make publicly available on the Governor's web site the Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700, and the Travel Expense claims for the Governor's Office Senior Staff and Deputies, Agency Secretaries, Agency Undersecretaries and Department Directors. This site will increase the transparency of Governor Brown's administration by making information regarding Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700 and Travel Expense Claim Forms readily available to the public. Click here to go to website.

Preparing for Disasters - Earthquake Preparedness

With offices in Northern and Southern California, the Office of Emergency Services Earthquake Program provides planning and technical assistance on various earth-related areas of concern. Program staff members work with local and regional governments, businesses, hospitals, schools, human service agencies, neighborhood and community organizations, and individuals to address, among other things, preparedness planning, hazard mitigation, emergency response, business resumption planning, post-earthquake shelter and housing, and the complexities of disaster recovery. Click here to go to website.

Homeowner Awareness Campaign to Help Homeowners Facing Foreclosures

Here is a link to California's Consumer Home Mortgage Information web site! You will find helpful information and links if you are considering buying a home, or if you already own a home, or have a mortgage and may be experiencing difficulty in keeping your payments current. Click here to go to website.